The time is ripe for vegetables to step out of the shadows. They are no longer a side dish, but the answer to many of the challenges of our time. A healthy, sustainable and brimming with creative possibilities. Retailers, foodservice companies and wholesalers choose Eminent’s vegetables, providing inspiration for chefs and consumers.


Eminent is a Farmhouse International brand for special tomatoes, chilli and sweet peppers and aubergines. We are the only company in the Netherlands that controls the entire chain. With our professionals, we develop new varieties, cultivate them and put them on the market. What unites us is our passion for unique vegetables and the drive to have everyone enjoy them as fresh as possible. We deliver every day; you cannot get them any fresher!


Eminent is an expert in special tomatoes, chilli, and sweet peppers. Our growers deliver fresh products of the highest quality every day. Grown by hand and packed and transported on site. No robots, no bulk, but year-round delivery reliability.

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Our special vegetables have everything you need for a unique, tasty and beautiful dish. We like to inspire you with some original recipes. Healthy, sustainable meals, full of colour and surprising flavours. Naturally, the recipes have a high vegetable content, but they are certainly not all vegetarian dishes.

The recipes have been developed in collaboration with professionals and range from easy and quick home cooked meals to culinary delights for chefs. Good luck!