Pineapple tomatoes

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Pineapple tomatoes

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A particularly decorative beef tomato! This yellow tomato has an irregular ribbed shape. The tomato ripens from the inside out, which gives the tomato its beautiful red appearance. When cut, this tomato resembles the flesh of a pineapple. The flesh is firm and fragrant. The tomato contains a lot of juice and few seeds.

The tomato has a refreshing, full-sweet taste. The fruity, slightly nutty and citrus-like tone are characteristic of this tomato. The juicy but firm flesh is an aromatic addition to many dishes.

Thanks to its fleshy structure, the tomato can be sliced and used raw as a topping on a sandwich or as a plate decoration. The pineapple tomato is also delicious in a fresh salad or in an oven dish.

This tomato has a length of 5 to 8 cm, a diameter of 5 to 8.5 cm and a weight of 100 to 200 g.

Besides the yellow pineapple tomato, Eminent grows the even more exclusive red variant of the pineapple tomato.





The tomatoes can best be kept in a cool place outside the refrigerator (8-12 °C).


Our pineapple tomatoes are available in boxes of 3 kg.

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