Tomberry® pearl tomatoes

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Tomberry pearl tomatoes

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The Tomberry® pearl tomato is the smallest tomato in the world. named after a berry, It is a real eye-catcher because of its unique small size. Bred, cultivated and marketed by Eminent, the Tomberry® pearl tomato has been finding its way to the gastronomic world for years now thanks to its unique appearance. But consumers and especially children also love these colourful and healthy small tomatoes.

As versatile as a Tomberry® pearl tomato
The Tomberry® leaves an explosion of flavours in your mouth, it pops open and delivers the pure taste of tomato. Children love the Tomberry® because of its mild taste in combination with its size. The Tomberry® pearl tomato has a diameter of 7 to 13 mm and weighs around 1 to 2 g. The Tomberry® is available in red and yellow.

The small tomatoes are perfect for all kinds of dishes. The smallest tomato in the world is ideal as a garnish, as a finishing touch to your appetiser or to sprinkle on your salad, pasta or wrap. Because of the small size of the tomato, the possibilities are endless.
Tomberry® pearl tomatoes are easy to prepare: no need to cut them, they are small enough on their own!







Tomberry® pearl tomatoes are just as nutritious as any other tomato. Just put the list of nutritional values next to the one of an average tomato. All those delicious nutrients are “hidden” right under the skin.


Like any other tomatoes – do not store fresh Tomberry® pearl tomatoes in the refrigerator. This deteriorates the flavour and freshness. Tomberry® pearl tomatoes can easily remain fresh and tasty at room temperature for 7 to 10 days.


Tomberry® tomatoes are available in different colours and various types of packaging; Foodservice packaging, Sprinkle pack and a snack pack for children (Tiny Tom).

Foodservice packaging

Sprinkle pack

Snack pack (Tiny Tom)

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