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Graffiti aubergine
The graffiti aubergine is immediately recognisable by its distinctive striped appearance. Its skin is thin and its flesh beautifully white and juicy. It absorbs less moisture than ordinary aubergines, which enhances the taste!

The graffiti is a lot milder than the ordinary aubergine. When cooked, it acquires a full, mildly spicy and creamy flavour.

Because the skin is thinner than that of its purple counterpart, the graffiti aubergine is easier to prepare. When cooked, the fruit absorbs less moisture and therefore also oil. This makes the healthy aubergine even healthier! You can combine the aubergine with cheeses such as goat’s cheese, haloumi and parmesan cheese, or with samphire or coriander to create a true taste sensation!

This unique aubergine is distinguished by its creamy white colour. The skin of this variety is smooth but matt. Due to its appearance, the fruit is perfect for dishes where the colour of the ordinary purple aubergine does not stand out well. It wears its fresh green crown with pride. The white aubergine absorbs less moisture than the standard aubergine, which gives it extra flavour.

The white aubergine is juicy, fresh and has a delicious, slightly acidic flavour. The texture is soft but with a nice, firm bite.

One thing is certain, this white aubergine makes every dish stand out. Good to know: This variety does not need salt to take away its bitterness. white aubergine is ideal for cooking in the oven. Prepare a savoury starter with aubergine in the oven, mozzarella and pesto or fill it with couscous, parsley and tarragon. Give the aubergine a leading role by roasting it in the oven and filling it with Greek yoghurt and pomegranate seeds.

This aubergine is not unripe, it is just green! With its light green colour and shiny skin, it is often used in Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine. It is an unusual variety of the aubergine family. It is slightly larger than the standard aubergine and its flesh is not white but light green and juicy.

While aubergine is always bitter, the taste of the green variety is also refreshing. With its flavour and good bite, it adds a fascinating complexity to dishes.

This variety does not need salt to take away its bitterness. Still looking for a recipe that masks the bitterness? Use an acidic counterpart to take away the bitterness. A salty or umami counterpart, for example tomatoes, will make the dish sweeter.
In terms of its uses, the possibilities are endless. Why not prepare a vegan salad with fried aubergine, chickpeas and couscous?






Graffiti: Holland wk 8 t/m 44 | Spain wk 46 t/m 15
White + Green: Holland wk 8 t/m 44


The aubergine is best kept at a temperature of 17 °C.


These aubergines are available in boxes of 5 kg. The graffiti aubergines from Spain come in a flow pack of 5 kg.

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